Life with Braces

Life With Braces

Care and Maintenance of Braces

Taking Care of Your Braces

Most people associate braces with a straight, beautiful smile. While it is true that wearing braces aligns the teeth, there are so many other health benefits! Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean and maintain. Correcting bite problems can improve speech, chewing, and even swallowing! Straightening the teeth can also prevent excessive wear and stress on the teeth, gums and surrounding tissue. And, of course, a beautiful smile certainly boosts self-confidence; when you look good, you feel good!

Because Dr. Cohen and our team are extremely passionate about what we do, we find that we, both intentionally and inadvertently, motivate our patients to take the utmost care of their appliances. We work as a team involving our patients, their families, and ourselves, and we all have a common goal: for the result of the treatment to be completely successful.

One of the most important parts of having braces is knowing how to take care of them. Eating the right foods, practicing good hygiene, and knowing how to deal with soreness are all vital parts of your new life with braces.

Eating with Braces

Do not think of braces as an evil monster, determined to ruin your favorite foods for you and prevent you from eating anything delicious ever again. Eat what you normally do, just be sure to avoid the extremes, like really sticky stuff and really crunchy stuff! Cut hard foods, like apples and carrots, into bite-sized pieces.

General Soreness

We take patient comfort very seriously and throughout our years of service, we have found that our patients experience very little to no soreness. If you do experience some discomfort, it is only about as bothersome as a headache. Over-the-counter pain reliever, taken as directed, should ease the discomfort or soreness.

Brushing & Flossing

Brushing your teeth with braces is no more or less difficult than brushing your teeth without braces. It’s just double the fun because there’s a bit more to brush!

Brush and floss just as you usually would, frequently and thoroughly, but pay special attention to above and around your braces. Special brushes will be given to you, and a member of our team will review proper brushing and flossing techniques when you get your braces.

You do want to make sure that you are keeping each and every bracket clean and free of food. Nobody wants to see the leftovers from your last meal!

If you ever any questions about your treatment or how to take care of your braces, please feel free to give us a call one of our Scranton, Pittston, and Wilkes-Barre, PA orthodontic offices. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.